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Build Tech Inspections offers Incredible Home Inspection Reports for Commercial and Residential Customers. 

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Why Are The Reports From Build Tech Inspections So Good?

Visual Excellence

High-quality images in HTML and PDF formats…so you can quickly see what’s important

Fast Delivery- Under 24 Hours

Our full, visual report is delivered within 24 hours of the inspection.

Through Review Of Findings

We will go through the report and findings with you and your agent after the inspection.

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Convenient Delivery

You will receive a text or email with a link to the report so you can quickly access it on the go.

Mobile Friendly Reports

The modern reports can be viewed on your phone or tablet.

Agent Repair/ Request Tool

Our reports feature a Repair Request Document generator for agent partners. This helps agents quickly and easily prepare a document to ask for repairs or concessions.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Home Inspection Reports

What Is A Home Inspection Report? 

  • A home inspection report is a written document a home inspector delivers to you after the home inspection is completed. It should include: Images of issues needing attention. Descriptions of the issues and the potential impact. A summary to highlight the most important issues.


What’s Included In A Home Inspection Report? 

  • An informational section that lists general details about the house, like its square footage and construction date.
  • A table of contents.
  • A general summary that includes major issues with the house.
  • Details about major home systems, their crucial components, and their operability.


What’s The Purpose Of A Home Inspection Report? 

A Home Inspection is designed to help buyers make informed decisions about their home purchase, ensuring that the physical condition of the house is on par with what the house appears to be. Typical Home Inspection Reports will pinpoint both major defects and minor problems with a property.


What Red Flags Should I Watch For In The Report?

Potential red flags that can arise during a property home inspection include evidence of water damage, structural defects, problems with the plumbing or electrical systems, as well as mold and pest infestations. The presence of one or more of these issues in your Home Inspection Report could be a dealbreaker for some buyers.