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Multi-family Inspections require special expertise and skills, that Build Tech Inspections offers. 

Multi-Family Home Inspections

From the client’s standpoint, a Commercial Property Inspection focuses on major systems such as electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, roofing, the structure, and the site itself. 

Multi-Unit Commercial Property Inspector In The Greater Chicagoland Area

Individual units within a property are usually the focus of Multifamily Inspections. These inspections are designed to answer the following questions:  “How much will repairs and maintenance cost?” To answer these questions, Build Tech Inspections LLC uses our RISK Assessment approach. Build Tech Inspections LLC provides Chicagoland Commercial Property Inspections to the following type properties: 

  • – Apartment buildings
  • – Restaurants
  • – Industrial properties
  • – Churches
  • – Manufacturing facilities
  • – Retail stores
  • – Warehouses
  • – Shopping malls
  • – Hotels
  • – High-End Residential Estates
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Commercial Inspections vs. Multi-Family Inspections: What's the Difference?

 During the Building Inspections, our Certified InterNACHI Inspectors take into account a variety of elements and determine the standards for each system and property, based on its intended use and when/where it was built. Build Tech Inspections LLC has the tools and skills to examine the property securely and thoroughly, whether you require an industrial, office, warehouseretail, or any other type of Commercial Inspection.

Plumbing in Commercial Facilities is frequently less stressful because it only involves working toilets and hot water.  The function of Multi-Family Plumbing Systems is the most important system to inspect. For the comfort of the tenants renting the unit, it’s critical to guarantee that each unit has working plumbing.
Commercial Inspectors have to assess a wide range of electrical systems. Multi-Family Inspections have fewer size limitations, but they do have highly precise criteria, such as safety outlets and smoke alarms.
Commercial and Multi-Family Buildings both have a wide range of heating and cooling systems.

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  Although most commercial structures in the Chicagoland Area, including Multi-Family Properties, are built on concrete slabs, structural inspections encompass all types of Properties in the Commercial Space.
Because Site Inspections cover everything outside of the building, parking lots and street parking are frequently included for both Commercial and Multi-Family Properties.


Many Multi-Family Inspections Have Unique Circumstances

  Our Greater Chicago Area Real Estate Inspectors focus on functional use as well as health and safety concerns while inspecting Multi-Family Properties. We feel that the buyer should be present throughout the inspection so that we can communicate directly about any issues, questions, or concerns that need to be addressed.


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One of the most crucial aspects of the inspection process is communication. Our Commercial Property Inspectors can assist you in identifying any issues with your property and recommending the most appropriate remedy. Call us at 630-386-1733 to schedule your inspection today!!

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