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Need your Condos or Apartments Inspected? Let the Pros at Build Tech Inspections LLC help get the info you need about your properties.  

Condo And Apartment Inspection For Greater Chicago

A current evaluation of the structure is required in order to purchase or manage a residential complex. Build Tech Inspections LLC to put their Apartment Inspection Professionals, that have experience and knowledge, to work for you.

  For neighborhood and condo HOAs in Chicago and the surrounding Illinois locations, we Specialize in Apartment Inspections and Reserve Studies. Our inspection packages include a choice of alternatives to assist you in selecting the most appropriate services for your needs. Now is the time to call 630-386-1733 or submit an online request for a quote.


  Purchasing a Multi-Apartment Complex is a significant financial commitment. We will do an Apartment Inspection prior to purchasing a property to notify you of the complex’s condition. You’ll be able to make an informed decision if you know this information before signing the dotted line.

We’ll evaluate everything from the foundation to the roof, including, but not limited to, the following systems during the Apartment Or Condo Inspection:

Plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling
— Structural integrity
— Siding
— Elevators
— Windows
— Parking lots

Build Tech Inspections LLC’s Commercial Property Inspectors to give precise information so you can feel confident in your purchase.
Do you want to rent rather than buy a commercial property? Learn out more about the Tenant Inspections we perform.

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Reserve Studies For Rental Properties Build Tech Inspections LLC 630-386-1733

Managing Residential Complexes With Reserve Studies

Build Tech Inspections LLC can give you a Full Seller’s Home Inspection of your current home in the Chicagoland Area . We search all sections of the home for repair issues, general maintenance requirements, and any improper construction methods. Crawlspaces and basements, foundation and construction, electrical and plumbing, and a variety of other areas are all checked to ensure your home is in good working order.

You will be given a Thorough Inspections Report of our findings after the Home Seller’s Inspection in Chicagoland is completed. We’ll go over every detail with you so you know what flaws were discovered if any, and what improvements you’ll need to make to ensure your home sells. You can use this knowledge to prepare your home and be prepared when a buyer makes an offer.


We can also tailor the report to a specific project, such as replacing siding, purchasing a pool, or getting a termite inspection.

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New Loan Eligibility Regulations

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) now compels condo organizations and homeowners groups to update their information every few years. A Reserve Study is a necessary step in this procedure. Occupants are ineligible for FHA or Fannie Mae loans unless they have completed a reserve analysis. Build Tech Inspections LLC’s  Professionals can execute a Condominium Inspection and Reserve Analysis in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

To request a quote, please call 630-386-1733. Check out our Certified Home Inspectors if you’re looking for anything more than Apartment Complex And Condo Inspections. Also, learn our client testimonials to make a better understanding of our business. We look forward to providing you with our Professional Services in the Chicagoland Areas

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